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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration 2020

by Karol Brown January 08, 2020

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration 2020

For years when we lived in Tacoma, Washington, we attended the annual MLK Day program held in the Tacoma Dome.  It was a yearly event that was well attended.  James and I were blessed to be on the program one year to present Harriet Tubman to the audience.  It seems that programs like this are fading. I am in a new state, and I know it is up to me to find a way to remember Dr. King

Today, I was looking for some Negro spirituals to share in my Harriet Tubman program when I came across this video. The song is Old Freedom, sung over 100 years ago as a song that expressed the need to be free.  The pictures remind us that freedom is something we have to continue to pursue.

We have children and grandchildren that don't know where we as African Americans have come from. They will not know about Harriet Tubman, other freedom fighters who have sacrificed for us their descendants. 

Tell them about the Power Of One!  Anyone person can do something that will rally others to support them when they are standing up to make a change for good. 

Our descendants will not truly understand what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shared in his "I Have A Dream" speech and other words of wisdom he gave us if we don't take the time to teach them.

Yes, they might get the day off from school, but to do what? Stay in bed longer, watch more TV or play on their phone?  I don't know if you have an MLK Day march or program where you live, but you do have YouTube. I share this video to honor Dr. King and Harriet Tubman. The fight for freedom started the day the first African was brought to America. We have generations of people to thank for their drive to be free.  Take a few minutes to share this video with your family.  I appreciate Mackenzie's YouTube that put this YouTube video together. 

Visit the Harriet Tubman Store for 20% off our collection of " The Power Of One" in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Karol Brown
Karol Brown


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