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November 02, 2019


Harriet Tubman is a Real-Life Superheroine!

I saw the movie “Harriet”, and I am thrilled about the story portraying a young courageous, determined Harriet Tubman. Cynthia Erivo was magnificent. She was the right face, the right height and she was able to make me believe she understood the spirit of the woman she was portraying and was able to present a convincing characteristic personality.   The movie focused on Harriet from the time she escaped slavery to the Civil War. My version of portraying Harriet Tubman, in A Visit with Harriet Tubman,  is as an elderly lady who is able to reflect on her whole life from a child growing up in slavery, the Underground Railroad escapades, the Civil War and her life after the War.   I know the stories, I know where the movie is a little different from history.  But, that did not take anything away from my appreciation for this beautiful movie. For the first time, this country is giving Harriet Tubman the platform she deserves for being a national heroic example of love and humanitarian deeds.  I would like to say to Kasi Lemmons, the director who wrote the screenplay with Gregory Allen Howard, Thank You for showing the world as I quote, Ms. Lemmons, (from the NPR interview link), “Harriet Tubman was a real-life superheroine!”

Take your family to see "HARRIET" and share your thoughts.



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