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Harriet Tubman Empowering Leadership Potential, (HELP) Course

HELP is a customized self-empowered humanitarian leadership training program based on my book, “30 Lessons in Love, Leadership, and Legacy from Harriet Tubman”, by Karol V. Brown.

This book is a collection of stories, as I, Karol, tell them in my storytelling program, A Visit with Harriet Tubman. Each chapter is a lesson on a humanitarian leadership trait that we can learn from Harriet Tubman. 

The 30 lessons are shared in heartwarming, humorous and sometimes, poignant stories of a wise woman who through her self determination to have a better life and compassion for others, left a legacy of great servant leadership.  

The HELP online course is designed to provide participants a forum to express their own thoughts, to collaborate, use their creative expressions and critical reflections to demonstrate their understanding of how Harriet Tubman’s stories inspired them. 

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