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Karol and James Brown

I simply Love Harriet Tubman. Everybody that knows me could have told you this about me. 

You see, 20 years ago, I started portraying Harriet Tubman in storytelling program, A Visit with Harriet Tubman.   During the time I have traveled with my husband James to perform our program all around the country. During this time, I have met many many others that also Love Harriet Tubman.  I have also learned a lot about her spirit. This inspired me to write a book, 30 Lessons in Love, Leadership and Legacy from Harriet Tubman.   In this book, I tells stories that highlight lessons we all can learn from Harriet Tubman, like Keep the Spirit of a Leader. 

Now, I have a new way of sharing Harriet Tubman with the world. Welcome to the Harriet Tubman Store.   I hope you will visit us here often as I will continue to share through my blog and other social media, stories and the clothes and accessories that bring the messages to you about how we all can learn about Love, Leadership and how to leave a Legacy from Harriet Tubman.  

Contact me at: karol@harriettubmanstore.com  



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